Are NEO40 Supplements Safe?

NEO40 Supplements

NEO40 supplements are clinically researched products that help the body naturally increase the production of nitric oxide (NO). These supplements may help promote artery dilation and better circulation throughout the body. Healthy circulation is associated with numerous health benefits and may help support:

  • Cardiovascular and heart health
  • Healthy blood pressure levels
  • Healthy arterial function

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In this article, we take a closer look at Neo40 supplements and the benefits they may offer.

What is Nitric Oxide?

Nitric oxide is a gas that rapidly enters the body’s cells. It regulates gene expression and protein structure and function. Nitric oxide is essential in blood vessel health (including blood pressure, protection against heart attack and stroke, and erectile function). It improves blood flow resulting in better nutrient and oxygen delivery. Nitric Oxide also features peripheral vascular disease and female sexual arousal. Higher levels of Nitric Oxide status reduce the likelihood and severity of heart attack and stroke.

Even with a healthy diet and exercise regime, Nitric Oxide levels tend to be lower in older people. These lower Nitric Oxide levels can play a major role in biological aging and the development of degenerative diseases besides heart disease. These diseases include arthritis, osteoporosis, diabetes, cancer, and Alzheimer’s.

What is Neo40 used for?

Nitric Oxide has often been referred to as “the miracle molecule.” A Nobel Prize was conferred in 1998 to the scientists who discovered the molecule’s effects on the cardiovascular system.

Through their research, Neo40 was developed and is widely recommended as part of a daily regimen for adults to stimulate healthy circulation and blood pressure levels through oxygenation of the blood and artery dilation.

Neo40, used as a nutritional support, is a natural means of replenishing Nitric Oxide and improving conditions such as blood pressure, triglycerides, and sexual function. It also increases energy levels, restores mental acuity, reduces inflammation, and improves endurance during workouts.

Other Neo40 benefits are that it contributes to general cardiovascular and heart health and supports healthy blood pressure levels already in the normal range. It promotes optimal blood circulation and artery vasodilation (narrowing blood vessels). It is also reputed to support respiratory health.

There is no scientific evidence supporting these claims, but some people claim that Neo40 supplements also have other benefits, which include:

  • enhanced weight loss
  • improved lung function in patients suffering from cystic fibrosis
  • treatment of altitude sickness
  • improved recovery after injury or trauma
  • prevention of the common cold
  • healing of diabetic foot ulcers

Neo40 Supplement Facts

Treating low levels of Nitric Oxide with L-Arginine-based supplements depends on the enzyme eNOS (Endothelial Nitric Oxide Synthase) to convert L-Arginine into this essential molecule. Still, by the time most people reach the age of 40, the enzyme’s function has been compromised.

The natural outcome is a decline in the production of the critical biochemical Nitric Oxide (NO). This is partially due to genetics, lifestyle, and other factors, including diet and the reduced capacity of L-arginine supplements to do their job.

The developers of the Neo40 Nitric Oxide supplement formula claim that it represents a breakthrough in Nitric Oxide delivery which is streaks ahead of old-style L-Arginine supplements or diets which focus on heart health.

The Neo40 supplement helps boost Nitric Oxide production without the aid of the eNOS enzyme, making it effective for most adults. Neo40 also supports the enzyme that creates Nitric Oxide.

By supporting the production of Nitric Oxide as well as the eNOS function, the Neo40 supplement helps increase Nitric Oxide and support healthy blood pressure. It also maintains Nitric Oxide levels over time.

Does Neo40 give you Energy?

The Neo40 supplement supplies Nitric Oxide to the body, helping it to restore its own Nitric Oxide-generating ability. Improvements in cardiovascular risk factors, triglycerides, and C-reactive protein have been noted, and improved energy and lowered stress levels. Nitric Oxide has also been reported to lower blood pressure, lower blood sugar, dilate blood vessels, reduce arterial plaque, improve exercise capacity, and improve blood flow.

Neo40 Side Effects

For most people, Nitric Oxide nutritional supplements do not cause side effects. If they do occur, they are usually mild and may include:

  • Heart palpitations
  • Diarrhea
  • Stomach pain
  • Bloating
  • Heartburn
  • Headaches
  • Nausea

Some people should not take Neo40 because of potential risks. They include:

  • People with liver scarring or cirrhosis as Nitric Oxide may worsen liver function.
  • Those with rare Guanidinoacetate methyltransferase deficiency should not take Nitric Oxide supplements.
  • People with low blood pressure should not take Nitric Oxide supplements because there is a risk it might lower blood pressure further.
  • Anyone due to undergo surgery should stop taking Nitric Oxide supplements before the surgery.
  • Doctors also say Nitric Oxide supplements can worsen conditions such as kidney disease and herpes. People who have suffered a heart attack should also avoid Nitric Oxide as they are likely to have another heart attack.
  • A healthcare professional must be consulted before taking the supplement as it may interfere with certain existing conditions or medication, e.g., for diabetes.
  • A healthcare practitioner should be consulted before use if the patient is pregnant or breastfeeding. They should also be consulted if the patient takes cardiac glycosides such as digitalis/digoxin, blood pressure medication, nitroglycerin, or other organic nitrites.

Neo40 Ingredients

The proprietary Nitric Oxide blend of Neo40 ingredients includes beet root powder, Hawthorn berry extract, L-citrulline, Sodium nitrite, Vitamin B12, Vitamin C, silica, stevia, magnesium vegetable stearate, mannitol, modified cellulose, xylitol, and natural flavors.

NEO40 Supplements, Available in Franklin, Tennessee

Neo40 supplements have been clinically researched and are widely reported to be effective in increasing the body’s levels of Nitric Oxide.

If you would like to learn more or would like to speak with one of our specialists about starting Neo40 supplementation, reach out to the team to get started today! Call our offices to speak with a member of our team or schedule an appointment online today!

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