The Benefits of Permanent Makeup

permanent makeup

What is permanent makeup? As the name suggests, it is a natural pigment that is applied to the upper layers of skin by trained cosmetic practitioners. This pigment can enhance existing facial features such as the shape of one’s lips or add dark pigment that emulates brow penciling or eyeliner to the upper and lower eyelids! There is an extensive list of permanent makeup applications, but for the sake of this article, we want to take a closer look at the general benefits associated with it!

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10 Benefits of Permanent Makeup

Saves You Time in Your Daily Routine!

How early do you wake up in the morning, giving yourself enough time to get ready and apply your makeup? Well, all the time spent applying eyeliner, lipstick or fixing your eyebrows is instantly given back to you. Imagine waking up and most of the work is already done, not just for one day, but every day, every morning and night!

Permanent Makeup Saves You Money

Makeup is expensive, and every time you use some, you are that much closer to having to buy more! Why pay to wear makeup, only to wash it off every night? 

Permanent makeup saves you from having to buy countless refills of your everyday products like lipstick, eyeliner, and other facial coloring tools! While there may be an upfront cost, the long-term savings will quickly become apparent!

permanent makeup

Less Time Worrying About Your Appearance

Do you catch yourself double and triple-checking how you look? Worried that your makeup has smeared or faded? Well, with permanent makeup you don’t need to worry! Once you are happy with the results, you can be sure that everything is exactly in its place!

Less time worrying and checking in the mirror or on your phone means more time being present and focused on the moment.

Doesn’t Contain Toxic Chemicals

The natural pigments used in permanent makeup are free of toxic chemicals and additives. The same cannot be said for many kinds of traditional products.

Medical research has shown preservatives such as Parabens are endocrine disruptors, and Formaldehyde is a known carcinogenic, yet they are still permitted to be used in cosmetics, albeit at low and controlled doses. Whereas permanent makeup avoids this entirely.

Why take the risk when you can achieve the same look, without any toxic exposure?

Permanent Makeup is… Permanent!

How nice would it be to not have to worry about getting caught in the rain, going for a spontaneous swim, shedding a few tears (of joy hopefully); or not having to worry about smearing your lipstick.

Permanent Makeup doesn’t run, it is waterproof, and is designed to last months or even years without fading or wearing off, so you can live life without worrying about makeup!

Gives You Realistic Results

Possibly one of the biggest benefits is that the results achieved through permanent makeup are virtually identical to real eyeliner, lipstick, and brow applications. You should always find a skilled and trustworthy practitioner, like the ones at Kumar Aesthetics Institute.

Permanent Makeup is Allergy-Friendly

Unfortunately, traditional makeup has adverse effects on people who have developed allergic reactions to the ingredients. The good news? Permanent makeup is an excellent alternative for those with allergies or sensitive skin as it contains none of the harsh additives or compounds that cause allergic reactions. It makes it possible for these people to finally achieve the look they’ve wanted!

Cosmetic Corrections

The majority of people use permanent makeup for cosmetic purposes, but it actually has another very useful purpose. People who sustain injuries or reconstructive surgery can use this application to restore their appearance or replace things like eyebrows lost to cancer treatments.

Enhances Your Natural Features

In the same way that contouring creates appealing facial lines and structure, permanent makeup helps shape. color, and draw attention to your natural features, highlighting your eyes, lips, and more!

No Long-Term Health Effects

Permanent makeup has been clinically tested to ensure there are no implications for your long-term health. Feel free to speak with our practitioners and voice any questions or concerns as we are happy to have an open discussion with you!

Permanent Makeup Services Available in Franklin, TN

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Written by Kumar Aesthetics Institute