Male PRP Shot

What is the Male PRP Shot (Erection Max Shot)

It is a safe procedure, whereby pain-free injections are administered, with the patient’s own platelet-rich plasma(PRP) into the penis. The benefits are substantial. The EMax Shot will rejuvenate the penis and stimulate new tissue growth, resulting in improved erections that are larger, firmer, and more frequent. It improves sexual function and satisfaction for the patient and their partner as well.

What are the Benefits of the EMax Shot or Male PRP Shot?

Increased circulation for a healthier organ along with a marked increase in one’s pleasurable sensation. It also assists with ED resulting from diabetes and makes other therapies such as Viagra work even better.

Who is the Right Candidate for the EMax Shot or PRP Male Shot?

Men who desire a stronger erection and those that desire increased sensitivity during intimacy. Also, Men who are no longer responding to ED medicines such as Viagra.

What Happens During the EMax Shot / Male PRP Shot?

A sample of blood and platelet-rich plasma (PRP) is isolated using a specialized centrifuge. This process takes about 10 to 15 minutes. Numbing medication is applied to the injection sites. Once the area is numbed and the PRP is ready; the provider will use a very thin needle to inject the PRP into the penis.

Is the EMax Shot or the Male PRP Procedure FDA Approved?

PRP is a well-documented and accepted procedure used to improve healing, rejuvenation, and regeneration after injuries or procedures. While the FDA has approved the PRP harvesting methods, PRP procedures are not required to be approved or disapproved by the FDA because PRP is not considered to be a drug.

Male PRP Shot Available in Franklin, Tennessee

If you would like to learn more about the Male PRP Shot or our other sexual health and wellness services, reach out to the specialists at Kumar Aesthetics Institute for more information. Call our offices to speak with a representative or schedule a consultation online today!


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