The Benefits of Micro-Needling

Micro-needlingWhen it comes to skincare routines, Micro-needling is quickly becoming an essential part of people’s regimens. Micro-needling does as the name suggests, using a reciprocating, pen-shaped, mechanical tool equipped with a series of small needles, practitioners strategically move the pen across the patient’s face or area being treated. This creates a pattern of extremely small holes in the outer layers of the skin, instigating the body’s natural healing and repair process along with a wide range of additional benefits. 

 RejuvaPen NXT and VistaPen

The team of experts at Kumar Aesthetics Institute utilize the RejuvaPen NXT and VistaPen micro-needling devices.  Additionally, they specialize in the application of cosmetic beauty treatments. Our highly trained practitioners have years of hands-on training and experience and can help you achieve your beauty goals! Not sure which procedure is right for you? Meet with a member of our team and we can discuss your best options, provide honest insight and create a treatment plan that is specifically designed for you!

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8 Benefits of Micro-Needling 


1. Reduces the Appearance of Fine Lines & Wrinkles

One of the most commonly sought-after cosmetic benefits of micro-needling is reducing fine lines and wrinkles which helps you take years off of your appearance. During a micro-needling session, the needles create very minor ‘injuries’; enough to initiate the repair process of the skin and its cells. As phrased in this NIH article, percutaneous collagen induction leads to an overall youthful appearance of the skin by reducing fine lines and wrinkles, making skin more supple, and boosting elasticity.

2. Micro-Needling Breaks Up Acne Scars

Acne can be very frustrating to live with. While mild acne can occur from oil build-up and clogged pores, some people may suffer from chronic acne. In either case, acne aggravates your skin, turning skin red and producing those unsightly bumps.  Micro-needling encourages cellular turnover. This means stubborn scar tissue leftover from acne and other mild scarring can be reduced, leaving you with a more even complexion, free of various blemishes. Micro-needling has been extensively studied and found to produce a substantial improvement for scars.

3. Alleviates Sun Damage

Sun exposure throughout the years can leave your skin damaged, spotty, and with patches of hyperpigmentation. Micro-needling effectively helps to clear and even out these spots, giving you a clearer, more evenly toned appearance. Production of collagen and new skin cells leaves your skin looking younger and smoother.

4. Micro-Needling is Anti-Aging Therapy

There is more to anti-aging than skin tone and blemishes. One of the strongest indications of aged skin is laxity or loose and sagging skin. You develop loose skin as your body stops producing elastin and collagen.  This tends to occur around the eyes, cheeks, neck, and forehead.  Micro-needling is an excellent way to boost the production of elastin and collagen, thus helping to tighten the skin and reducing laxity which produces an overall more youthful appearance.

5. Shrinks Your Pores

You might think that a procedure that creates micro holes in your skin would make pores appear larger, however, that is not the case. Once the collagen and elastin have had the opportunity to provide their benefits to the skin, there is a visible reduction in the size of pores.

6. Micro-Needling Improves The Effects Of Topical Therapy

Your skin is porous and permeable to some degree, allowing topical creams and ointments to ‘sink in’ and be absorbed into the skin. Now, imagine adding hundreds of micro-openings in the surface layer.  When moisturizers, anti-aging creams, and other topical treatments are used in conjunction with micro-needling, your skin receives much more of the intended benefit thanks to a higher absorption rate. These effects have been extensively studied and observed as they provide an increased benefit for a range of skin damage and conditions.

7. Reduces Acne & Rosacea

Rosacea causes your skin to thicken and is characterized by the redness it leaves on your skin. Microneedling stimulates the growth of collagen to offset the excessive inflammation and skin irritation.  Micro-needling is also an effective way to deliver acne treatments because of the improved delivery of topical applications. This allows treatments to reach deeper, reduce inflammation, and reduce the intensity of a breakout.

8. Micro-Needling Requires Less Downtime

While Microneedling’s effects are comparable to laser and chemical peel treatments, the downtime associated with it is substantially shorter. Recovery times vary and tend to average 24-72 hours. If you are looking for an introduction to skincare treatments and cosmetics, micro-needling is an excellent option.

Micro-Needling Therapy Available in Franklin, TN

Micro-needling is an excellent option for those looking for a more affordable, less invasive procedure with minimal downtime, while still receiving all of its skin health benefits.

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