What Does Micro-Needling Under Eyes Do?

What Does Micro-Needling Under Eyes Do?

You may have heard about individuals having a micro-needling procedure done beneath their eyes, but have you ever thought about having it done? Perhaps you have, but you just don’t know what it involves. So, we’ll start at the beginning and (hopefully) enlighten you about this incredibly beneficial procedure.

Collagen production and the protein elastin in our skins diminish as we age. These are the two principal proteins that make up the web that structures our skin. As a result, dark circles often form beneath the eyes, wrinkles and sagging skin develop, pores are enlarged, and the veins under the eyes become more visible, often affecting overall confidence.

To reduce these signs of aging – wrinkles and fine lines, hyperpigmentation, and dark circles – collagen induction therapy, also known as micro-needling – is a highly effective treatment.

The team at Kumar Aesthetics has extensive experience performing micro-needling therapy. This non-invasive procedure is a fantastic way to minimize the apparent signs of aging while avoiding many risks associated with more intrusive methods! Our practitioners use years of training and hands-on expertise to help you achieve all your skincare and aesthetic goals.

This article will teach you all you need to know about micro-needling beneath the eyes.

What is Micro-needling Under the Eyes?

Micro-needling, a scar-minimizing treatment used anywhere on the body, may be used with PRP (platelet-rich plasma) injections, stimulating new cell growth and promoting healing. It is often combined with serums containing vitamin A or C, which boosts the efficacy of the treatment. Candidates for the procedure should be in good health and not pregnant.

Anyone with keloid scarring or undergoing radiation or chemotherapy should speak to their healthcare professional before undergoing micro-needling under the eyes. If the individual is experiencing an active acne breakout or taking prescription-strength acne medications, this must also be raised beforehand.

What Not to Do Before the Treatment

In the week before micro-needling, harsh exfoliants or acid peels should not be used.

Over-the-counter pain relief must also be avoided for at least three days before the appointment, as these can suppress natural inflammatory responses, rendering the procedure less effective.

What is the Treatment Process?

On arrival at the doctor’s rooms, the patient’s health history will be discussed, and medications will be listed to ensure the patient is not at risk for serious side effects.

A topical anesthetic cream, such as lidocaine, will be rubbed onto the area to be numbed. The person doing the procedure stretches the skin gently in different directions as a handheld micro-needling device is moved over the skin.

This micro-needling device employs tiny needles to make minuscule punctures in the skin. Stinging may be felt as the microneedles penetrate the topmost layer of skin, but the pain should be minimal. The body then signals that a repair response should be directed to the area. The skin reacts to these micro-injuries with increased blood flow and collagen production. The entire eye treatment is completed in half an hour to an hour.

Microneedling stimulates collagen production and improves circulation underneath the skin. The “micro-wounds” that triggered the regeneration response close quickly, and saline pads or ice packs may be applied under the eyes to reduce swelling once the treatment is complete. Long-term side effects are rare.

With radiofrequency micro-needling under the eyes, the device enables the needles to penetrate at different depths according to the thickness of the client’s skin. Thermal energy (RF) is delivered directly into the dermis to create a “controlled burn.” The setting must be correct, or there may be permanent damage, including scar formation, which is precisely why an experienced professional should perform the procedure.

VirtueRF is the latest Micro-needling technology combining a 70-watt Radiofrequency technology and light therapy. Clients generally report improved texture and elasticity in the treated area. Most say their skin looks more even-toned and flexible once healing occurs. Inflammation, puffiness, and bags are also said to be less noticeable. And besides treating dark circles under the eyes, it helps smooth acne scars.

Are There Any Risks or Side Effects?

Common short-term side effects may include swelling, redness or discoloration, irritation, and flaking skin. If not properly tended, the punctures in the skin may become infected. Patients should avoid touching the area; they should not do any exercise that might make them sweat, and swimming is not recommended.

They should also stay out of the sunlight initially and wash the skin according to the doctor’s instructions, with cold water and a gentle cleanser approved by the healthcare professional.

Anyone who experiences bleeding, yellow or green discharge, or a fever of more than 103°F (39°C) after micro-needling should seek immediate medical attention. Also, as mentioned above, RF micro-needling must be carried out with the device in the correct setting, or the patient can end up with scarring.

How Long Does the Microneedling Procedure Last?

Patients can resume their normal daily activities as soon as they leave the healthcare professional’s room. Results will not be immediate. Initially, the skin under your eyes may be discolored, red or swollen. The benefits become more obvious in just a few days, with the skin gaining elasticity and firmness. After subsequent treatments, clients usually report younger-looking skin after each session.

Within three to six treatments, the results should be obvious. Microneedling is not a permanent fix. After a couple of months, the treated area looks the way it did before, so a quarterly maintenance routine is recommended after the first set of treatments.

The healthcare provider should be able to advise on skin care products they recommend to maximize the results of your treatment. They will likely tell patients that heavy makeup should be avoided for the first few days after treatment and that sunscreen should be worn on the treated area.

Because the skin is covered in microchannels after micro-needling, whatever creams and serums you apply during the healing process should penetrate deeper than it was able to before and so give better results. Cold compresses are not recommended, as extra blood circulation is essential to maximizing the treatment results.

Be Safe: Ensure Your practitioner is Qualified & Has Micro-needling Experience

Putting your best face forward is important, and although a qualified clinician may achieve satisfactory results, it is better to be safe than sorry. Not only is it recommended that a qualified doctor with the credentials perform particularly RF micro-needling, but someone with extensive experience should conduct such procedures, as they know what to look for in terms of risk.

A board-certified dermatologist, cosmetic surgeon, or plastic surgeon can do the job, and in some states, a licensed esthetician may be experienced in this procedure. But anyone contemplating such a procedure should ensure the healthcare professional they use has an excellent reputation.

Dr. Sujay Kumar is a highly-trained doctor with years of experience. He uses the most up-to-date techniques to deliver outstanding results and even trains other practitioners and physicians in beginner, intermediate, and advanced beauty treatment techniques.

Microneedling Services Available in Franklin, Tennessee

Kumar Aesthetics Institute offers premium aesthetic services from a team that draws on decades of experience to deliver top-quality results efficiently and by adhering to health and safety protocols.

The micro-needling procedure is safely carried out at the Institute by Dr. Sujay Kumar, a board-certified physician, master injector and trainer with extensive experience. If you want to learn more about micro-needling or other beauty treatments offered by Kumar Aesthetics, call their offices to speak with a team member or schedule an appointment online today!

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